Abe is bourbon red turkey  He joined Frog Song Farm Sanctuary on October 17, 2021.  He was about 2 months old when he arrived. Abe is an enthusiastic participant in the Good Morning, Turkeys! He also wins for most coordinated turkey in the run for the watermelon.  See the video at the bottom of this page for one of his Good Morning greetings and a run for watermelon!


Dick arrived with Harry on August 19, 2021.  Some days, Dick is less than enthusiastic about participating in the "Good Morning, Turkeys" greeting, but he is always an enthusiastic runner for some watermelon!


Harry arrived with his brother Dick on August 19, 2021.  Harry is a bit more enthusiastic than Dick in the "Good Morning, Turkeys" greeting.  Like his brother Dick, he will run for the dinner bell, especially when watermelon is on the menu!


Good Morning, Turkeys!

Their claim to fame TV appearance!