Cedar is a Zebu steer.  He was only about 6 weeks old when he came to us and has grown up here surrounded by his extended Zebu family and the FSFS family.  He's one of the lucky ones who has lived a life filled with friends, family, food, shelter and love.  By sponsoring him, you allow us to keep giving him all of that for the rest of his life.

Daisy (Cow)

Sweet Daisy came to us from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue where she lived for several years after being rescued with her friend, Maybelle, from horrible, abusive conditions.  Fortunately, she has known plenty of love and care in recent years and it shows.  She is healthy, happy and VERY friendly.    She has a heart on her head right between her horns - the perfect symbol for a cow with a real heart!


Earl, or Baby Earl as we call him, came to us with Wanda in the summer of 2021.  He was only a few months old and very shy.  He has quickly warmed up to us and has a huge hero crush on Scully who I think he views as his surrogate father.   All of the cows love Baby Earl but that's no surprise because everyone loves Earl. 


Elliott is Savi’s son and Taran’s half brother. He had a tough start in life and was actually blind at birth. Fortunately, that resolved and now he’s a healthy, happy guy. He's a handsome guy with the most impressive horns in the cow pasture.  Elliott is one of our most friendly cows. He absolutely loves people and happily comes running when he sees us coming.

Elvis (Cow)

Elvis was the first calf to come to FSFS. He came with his sweet mother, Sissy, when he was less than 2 weeks old. He was a friendly, people-loving calf from the very start and continues to be a laid back happy guy. He has happily welcomed all of the new animals as they have arrived and especially bonded with Indira as a mother figure who arrived only a few months before sweet Sissy crossed the rainbow bridge. 


Fred was a dairy farm cast off. His owner purchased him at auction when he was only 2 weeks old and then just threw him into a makeshift pen in his backyard and ignored him.  Fortunately for Fred, neighbors across the street and took pity on him. They bottle fed him as a baby and then continued to care for him as he grew despite his owner's neglect.  Occasionally, his owner would lock him in a  muddy, smaller pen  where neighbors wouldn't have access to him  and they believe he's gone as much as a week without any food or water while in there.  

When repeated calls to animal control failed to save Fred, the neighbors got desperate.  They were willing to buy Fred, but they live in a subdivision so needed somewhere for him to go.   Fred was incredibly happy to be here and quickly put on some much-needed weight but he still looks like a gangly teenager because he has the longest legs I've ever seen!


Indira is the matriarch of our Zebu clan. She gave birth to Lily not long after she arrived. She arrived.  Then she "adopted" all of our newcomers as they arrived. For a while she was our "head Zebu cow" but she got older and decided that was too much work so she handed over the "head cow" duties to Elliott.  Now, she just enjoys her days with friends and family, living her best life.


Lily is the only cow actually born at FSFS! When Indira arrived she was already pregnant with Lily. I walked out to the pasture one beautiful April morning and there she was just relaxing with Indira and Elvis on her wobbly legs - acting like she had been there for months, not hours. Lily is quiet, a little shy but very sweet and happily takes treats from our hands. 

Little Bit

Little Bit almost died at birth and for a while , it was touch and go for him. We think that’s at least part of the reason that he’s still one of our smallest cows.   When he was little, we'd give him plenty of extra feed to help him grow and I would sit in the barn with him while he ate.  Maybe that's why he's still  super friendly and follows us around the pasture like a little puppy dog. 


How could anyone not love a cow like Maple with those wonderful, wonky, lopsided horns?  Maple is one of the sweetest animals at FSFS.  She loves people and she loves food!  When all of the other cows have given up following me around the pasture, Maple will still be holding out hope and be the last one still following behind the RTV.  You'd be right if you guess that I almost always stop and reward Maple for her tenacity.


Maybelle came to us from Carolina Waterfowl Rescue with her best friend, Daisy, after being rescued from horrendous conditions years ago.  She has known lots of love and care since her being rescued  and she is a loving, friendly girl.  She was very excited to meet her look alike, Wanda, when she got here and the two of them have bonded like long lost sisters.   We're delighted to have sweet Maybelle as a member of our FSFS family. 


Precious Oakley  is the youngest of our cows and he is Maple's son.  Oakley came to us when he was only 9 days old so he's another lucky one who has been allowed to grow up here with his family and know only love and security. 


Savi is the “earth mother” of our cow herd. She's one of the more senior cows in our herd and is a mellow lady.  Savi is the nurturer of the cow herd with big horns but a bigger heart and is one of our most gentle, trustworthy cows. To know her is to love her. 


Scully is a jersey steer and the biggest cow on the farm  - probably the biggest animal on the farm.  But don't let his size and giant horns fool you, he's a sweetheart.  Kind of the benevolent ruler of the cow pasture where one stern look from him makes everyone behave.  And he's a sucker for sweet Stella - his life companion. 


Stella is a black angus heifer.  She was rescued by Izzie's Pond as a tiny calf.  They bottle fed her so she learned early on to love and trust people and that continues.  Stella adores Scully, "supervises" our miniature breed Zebu cows and happily trots over to the fence whenever any humans show up to visit.  This sweet girl is a doll. 


Taran came here with his mom, Savi. When he first got here, he was so shy that we couldn’t catch him to get his halter off. It had gotten too tight as he grew. We actually had to call in help to lasso him and remove it. Hard to believe that he was so standoffish because now he’s a love bug. 


Wanda came to us in the summer of 2021 with Earl after both were seized by animal control. She's a super sweet jersey cow who loves everyone she meets and acts as a surrogate mom to little Earl.  She and Maybelle look like sisters (although they're definitely not related) and bonded as soon as they met.  Wanda is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.