Ethel came to us with her sister, Lucy. She was born to a feral cat and lived under a front porch until she came to FSFS. Ethel is slightly more adventurous than her sister Lucy and I frequently find her at the top of a tree (although she always manages to get down.) Ethel loves everyone but has a special relationship with the llamas.  I have no idea what she talks to them about but she spends a lot of time nose to nose chatting with them.


Gracie is a beautiful gray cat who knows that she is queen. She is regal, elegant and definitely in charge of everything.  Gracie likes to roam the farm and we often see her on the far side of the pasture but she always returns to the barn eventually.  The most likely time to catch this barn cat in the barn is when it gets dark because the rest of the time she's busy visiting "her" horses out in the pasture.  Gracie is shy with new people but, once she gets to know you, she can be very affectionate. She was here first so she took Lucy and Ethel under her wing when they got here and showed them the ropes. We love beautiful Gracie.  


Lucy came to us with her sister, Ethel. She was born to a feral cat and spent the first three months of her life living under someone’s front porch. Lucy is super friendly, loves attention and will let you pet her until your arm gets tired. Lucy loves hanging out with the other animals and doesn’t seem remotely concerned about the fact that they all outweigh her by 100s of pounds. She spends her days supervising everyone - usually from the top of the barn door and she spends her nights sleeping in her cat bed. 


Tucker was rescued in an RV park by Crystal and Zack.  They brought him to us to be a barn cat.  Unfortunatly, Tucker escaped his enclosure after being with us for only 36 hours!  He was missing for 208 days but made his way back to the general area and was found by a neighbor, returned to us , and is now a very happy affectionate barn cat.