Llamas & Alpaca


Tiny Aggie is our only alpaca.  She was born in 2017 and lived happily with another alpaca friend until that friend died, leaving Aggie all alone until she came to us in January of 2022.  Aggie was quickly adopted by our llamas as their baby girl and she settled in nicely, enjoying the companionship and nurturing that they provided.  She's a tiny little thing but seems right at home with all of her llama mamas.  Seen here having a little chat with Piper.

Andy (Llama)

Andy was born 9/05.  He's delightful, friendly and first up at feeding time.  He's a bit of a food hog - loves to eat his own food as quickly as he can and then move on to "share" everybody else's.  He's a curious guy and always likes to know what's going on.  We usually find him hanging out at the barn door when we're working inside. Andy and Lenny are brothers, best buddies and almost always together.  I can pick Andy out from a distance because he has a brown tail! 


Honeychile was born 11/06. She's a beauty and she knows it.  But she's also very sweet and and always happy to mix and mingle with the other llamas and with us.  She spends a lot of time with Layla gossiping and watching the world go by.   She's a stunner and so much fun to see out in the pasture with the others. 


Layla was born on 5/10/10.  She's a half sister to Andy and Lenny.  Layla's hip was injured in an accident before she came to us so she has a bit of a limp but has no problem keeping up with her friends, maybe just a step or two behind. She's super sweet and loves to give people kisses.  Layla gets along with everyone but seems to spend most of her time with Honeychile. She loves to stretch out and soak up the sunshine, making her one of the best "Sleeping or Dead"  game players.  She's a good eater and one of the bigger llamas in our herd now. 


Lenny is the smallest and the most solid white of our llamas - although he does have brown knees!   He was born on 11/13/06 and is Andy's brother.  Lenny is one of our more outgoing llamas and always seems to have a smile on his face.  Lenny loves to eat but is incredibly messy.  You can always tell where he ate his last meal because he leaves a trail of crumbs behind.  Lenny is very social and loves everyone but he loves his brother Andy most of all and they are never far apart.


Leo was born on 5/13/10. Leo is a nephew to Andy and Lenny.  Leo is the biggest llama here but a gentle giant.  He has dropped fetlocks which makes it look like he's walking on his heels but he gets around just fine.  Leo has a very regal air about him.  Maybe he  knows that, as the largest llama in the herd, he is the de facto king.  We don't know what he thinks but we think he's wonderful.


Lily was born on 4/16/06.  She is a cousin to Leo and niece to Lenny, Andy and Layla  She got her name because she was born early one Easter morning so she's an easter lily.  She had to be bottle fed for several weeks before her mother had enough milk to nurse her which makes her very comfortable around people.  Lily is a happy, friendly girl who loves to run and play and, whenever there is food being served, Lily will be there!


Patrick came to us in July, 2019 along with his buddy, Simon.  We guesstimate that he was born in 2004.  They had a long and winding path from their original rescue in Montana to a temporary home in Illinois and then to a couple of foster homes in north Georgia before getting here to their forever home.  Patrick is a goofy guy who looks like he's wearing a Zorro mask and is always curious and happy when we're around although his rough start in life makes him a little reluctant to be touched.  We were a little shocked that crazy Patrick bonded almost instantly to our tripod goats but he sure did and, now, we see him "babysitting" them in the pasture all the time.   

Sampson "Sam" (Llama)

Sam came to us from Southeast Llama Rescue.  He is a very sweet, mild mannered llama who loves peppermint treats!  You can often find him at the barn doors looking for affection or treats (or both).  He can be found hanging out with the horses more often than the other llama


Simon came to us with his buddy Patrick in July, 2019 after a long and winding rescue path from Montana to Illinois to foster home in north Georgia before finally getting to us.  We estimate his birth year to be 2004. Simon is very dignified and reserved so we were surprised that our little tripod goats bonded with him immediately and he loved it!  He is increasingly interested in getting to know us better and he treats goofy Patrick like a little brother that needs to be watched.  Simon is one of those guys who asks for very little and appreciates everything he gets.