Diane was seized by animal control when her owner was arrested for animal cruelty.  She came to us in the Spring of 2023. When Diane arrived at FSFS, she was found to have a large lump at the top of her right front leg.  It was x-rayed, biopsied and multiple meds were tried and we have yet to get a definitive answer as to what it is.  The vets who have examined Diane and reviewed her x-rays believe that this lump is just a large calcification, probably from an  old injury.  She walks with a significant limp and we'll continue to watch her carefully to determine if further testing or treatments would be appropriate.  In the meantime, she's a little shy but very sweet and getting more and more comfortable with us every day. She's very bonded to Ram Jack and the two of them are rarely far apart.  In fact, when Ram Jack broke his leg in the cow pasture and had to be confined in the barn while he healed, Diane refused to leave his side and, rather than enjoying some freedom in the pasture, opted to stay locked up with Ram Jack.  That's real devotion.

Ram Jack

Ram Jack was seized by animal control when his owner was arrested for animal cruelty.  He came to us in the Spring of 2023.  Once we got Ram Jack fully vetted and made sure he was  healthy, we moved him into the cow pasture so that Diane could rest her leg while we were trying to figure out what was wrong with her.  Ram Jack loved living with the cows and had many friends there.  We thought he might just continue to live with them forever but then, one day, we found him with a broken leg.  After a trip to the vet for x-rays and casting, Ram Jack returned to the barn and to Diane.  Once we saw the two of them reunited, we knew that we'd have to find a place for them to live together and that will be in the goat pasture once Ram Jack's leg heals.  Ram Jack is an outgoing, friendly guy who seems to get along with everyone but his heart belongs to Diane.