Ada was born in  2015. On a hot August day in 2022,  she showed up at FSFS.  We looked for her owners and discovered that she had been living in an outdoor pen because the other dogs in the house didn't get along with her so she needed a new home and we're so happy that she chose us.  Ada was born to be a farm dog.  She follows Richard all over the farm and gets along with every single animal here.  She is loyal, loving and gentle with everyone - especially those that are smaller than her.  


We estimate Bridget's DOB as 2/2019.  Bridget was pulled from the Clayton County, GA shelter in February, 2022,  the day before she was set to be euthanized.  She was a bag of bones with an unexplained limp but, even then, you couldn't miss her soulful eyes.   Once she was here we found that she had some painful infected teeth, including one broken at the gum line with an exposed nerve, her left knee was a total wreck and her right hip was out of the socket.  First, we fixed her teeth so that she could eat and gain weight and strength while waiting for knee surgery.  She had major knee surgery about a month after she got here and spent 90 long days on crate rest.  Her right hip will always be out of socket so she runs a little funny but she runs (A LOT) and doesn't seem to be in any pain. 

She's now healthy and happy, happy, happy.  She loves to eat, to run, to take car rides and to nap in all kinds of awkward positions.  She loves her canine siblings but, most of all, she loves people - ALL people everywhere.  Bridget views herself as the guest of honor at the biggest, most wonderful party she could have ever imagined possible.  What an amazing way to live life.  What an amazing dog.  How lucky we are to have her here at FSFS.


Otis has an estimated DOB of January, 2013.  He has been part of our family even before FSFS existed.  We adopted him from the now defunct DAWGS in Prison that was part of the Port St. Joe, FL humane society.  He is literally the best dog in the whole world.  He has zero bad habits -  he loves people, he loves animals and the only time I've ever seen him fight is when he was protecting the little dogs from an aggressive larger dog.  He sleeps in a dog bed next to our bed and my nightly routine is for me to give him a kiss, rub his belly and tell them that I only ask for one thing from him - to live forever.


We believe Piper was born in May, 2020. Piper was part of a dog hoarding case and was turned over to our vet about an hour before Kay showed up for an appointment with another dog.  There was such an instant connection that, even though the last thing we needed around here was another dog, there was no way that she couldn't be part of the FSFS family.  Now, she's Kay's shadow and makes farm rounds every day - rain or shine.  


We believe Rosie's DOB is July, 2011. We were driving down the road one very, very hot July afternoon in 2017 when we saw Rosie - dragging herself down the scorching pavement with no use of her back legs.  We scooped her up, took her straight to the vet and started her on steroids and physical therapy.  She also had several teeth that were so rotten they were literally crumbling in her mouth so we had those removed.  She was not microchipped and no owner was ever found so she became part of the FSFS family.  She is 8 lbs of sheer determination.  Her back legs work independently of the rest of her - dancing a little jig when she runs -  but that doesn't stop her from doing whatever she wants to do.  Although, she will always have deficits and must wear diapers when she is inside, she is a happy pup.  


Little Sadie was dumped way out on a country road and left to die in March of 2023.  She had a skin infection that had left her mostly bald, ear infections, an ulcer in one eye, a mouth full of abscessed, rotten teeth, mammary tumors all over her abdomen and luxating patellas (floating knee caps) that made walking difficult. Lucky for Sadie, a good Samaritan found her and called us. It took two separate dental procedures to remove all of Sadie's teeth - leaving her toothless but pain free.  It took two separate procedures to remove all of her mammary tumors.  She had four surgeries in 3 months.  She also got daily medicated baths, ear and eye drops.  It was a lot for a tiny, senior dog to endure but Sadie is a survivor in every sense of the word.  Our little warrior princess who has never lost her spirit, her trust in people and her boundless enthusiasm for life despite everything she's been through.


We estimate Walter's DOB as May, 2020. After rescuing Piper, we got involved with helping to find homes for the other dogs in the same hoarding situation.  One day Richard took a horse to see Dr. Jordan and met Walter who instantly became yet another member of the FSFS family.  We call Walter and Piper brother and sister but we're not exactly sure how they're related - just that they probably are.   He was also born to be a farm dog and his little legs do double time keeping up with Ada's long legs as they run after Richard all over the farm.  Walter's hidden talent is his amazing meerkat impression. If you ever visit us, don't drive away without checking your car because Walter is a constant stowaway.