Another of our new group of nine goats is  Brian.  He is a tiny little thing who looks like a baby but his fully grown horns tell us he’s grown-up.  He’s quiet and definitely a follower not a leader.  He’s a shy little thing but he has worked up the courage to come over to me and let me stroke his little head and give him a treat.  He reminds us so much of tiny little Shirley the goat who was Laverne, the pig’s  BFF.   I’m looking forward to watching this little guy blossom here. 


Charlie was born on a farm in Florida and managed to get one of his back legs so tightly entangled in rope or netting that it cut off the circulation until his leg fell off.  Rather than treat his painful, infected leg, the farmer sent him to auction where a good samaritan bought him and took him to a rescue there where he was stabilized,  his remaining infected stump was amputated and we arranged transport here.  He was terrified and miserable until he met the llamas and became their official mascot.  Now, he's so healthy and energetic that people who meet him in person often don't notice that he has only three legs!


Clyde came to us after ending up at a German Shepherd rescue in Florida. What he lacks in height, he makes up with his impressive horns!  He was totally unsocialized when he got here and wanted nothing to do with us or any of the other animals. However, once Clyde settled in, he became one of our friendliest animals.  He greets all of our visitors at the fence and you will frequently see him pictured with the other animals (of all species) around the farm. 


Delilah is 3/4 Boer and 1/4 Kiko goat and those are both large breed goats.   As a tiny baby on  a farm in Georgia she was injured and lost the lower part of her left rear leg.   Big goats do not do well with missing limbs so Delilah wears a prosthetic leg for most of the day.  It's pink camo so she looks very stylish wearing it.   Delilah is a happy, active girl who loves people and is best friends Charlie, our other tripod goat.


Drogo was rescued and bottle fed along with his sister, Dae. He had a happy life as more of a family pet than a pasture goat. However, his rescuer graduated from school and moved across the country to start her career and couldn’t take him with her so he came to live here at FSFS. He came with his sister Dae who has since crossed the rainbow bridge but Drogo is an easy-going guy who has many goat friends so he's never lonely.  We love his big heart and beautiful blue eyes. 


Eddie is the biggest of our goats from the rescue of 9.  He is very friendly and brave and resembles Totes  with his long legs and handsome horns.  He seems to be the leader of his little heard and we cannot wait to see how he interacts when he is able to join the goats in the big pasture.

Elvis (Goat)

This tiny, handsome boy is Elvis.  He’s best friends with Brian but gets along with everyone.  Like Brian, he’s a little on the shy side but very sweet and cooperative.  He’s really going to blossom too.  We can’t wait to these boys fixed so they can be out and about in the big goat pasture where they’ll finally have room to run, healthy grass to graze, a never-ending supply of hay and treats from the treat lady on a daily basis! 


Gilbert is also a super sweet goat who was rescued with 8 other goats.  He has an impressive beard and horns that seem huge for his little body.  He is friendly, which is saying a lot since he is not wethered (castrated) and he has been through a lot.  Welcome Gilbert!


Harold was rescued with his Mom Suzy and sister Heidi and 6 other goats.  They are all very sweet and settling in nicely.  We cannot wait to watch these baby goats grow now that they are part of the Frog Song Farm Family and safe from their past situation.


Heidi was rescued with her Mom Suzy and brother Harold and 6 other goats.  They are all very sweet and and settling in nicely.  We cannot wait to watch these baby goats grow now that they are part of the Frog Song Farm Family and safe from their past situation.


Johanna is a sweet solid brown girl. When you see her from a distance, you’d swear she’s a deer! Johanna loves to hang out with Vivian and Honey Bun but she also likes to snuggle with her dad, Swashi. She’s a quietly friendly girl who happily greets guests and loves the opportunity to get some extra treats every now and then. 


Karen was a stray that animal control found on the side of the road.  We were in the process of rescuing 8 goats in an abuse situation, so animal control asked if we could take Karen as well.  Of course we did!  Karen is a small but mighty kind of girl!  She is settling in with the new heard nicely!


Little Knuckles (tough name for this little survivor) was rescued by a good samaritan who found him cast aside on a farm as a tiny baby. As a male kid, he was not as valuable as his twin sister, so he was almost certainly doomed to die.  His rescuer grabbed him up, took him home, bottle fed him and nursed him to health.  He was a house goat along with her and her husband's pot belly pigs and dogs. But Knuckles grew and it became clear that he needed some goat friends and plenty of room to just be a goat and so he came to us.

Knuckles was born 12/1/21.  He is a pygmy goat so, although he's full grown, he's the smallest goat here.  He has a little white spot on the top of his head, some pretty brown markings on his legs and beautiful blue eyes.  Unlike so many animals that come to us, this little goat has known lots and lots of love so he's friendly, curious and secure.  He is best friends with Weston who looks like his bigger brother!


Lamber came to us with Nadine when their owner could no longer afford to care for them.  He adores Nadine (who we believe is his older sister although we're not sure.)   Lambert is happy to let Nadine be the boss but he's always got her back.  These two are never far apart.  Lambert also loves people and happily comes running when he sees any of us nearby.  He's a curious goat who climbs, sniffs and generally explores anything he encounters.  Bring him a treat and he's your friend forever. 


Matilda came to us with 8 other goats that were in a neglect/abuse situation in South Carolina.  Matilda is an absolute sweet goat and was rescued on Kay's granddaughter Tillie's birthday. What a better birthday gift than to have a sweet, shaggy goat named after you!!


Merlin came to us with his friend Arthur as the very first two goats to get to FSFS in 2016. Arthur died of old age in January, 2018 making Merlin the OG (original goat) of FSFS.  As OG, Merlin happily assumed the role as mentor to all arriving goats - showing them around and introducing them to the others.   He's a friendly, extrovert who wants to say hello to everyone who comes his way. Merlin is definitely the alpha of the goat herd.  When treats are handed out, Merlin is first in line and nobody challenges him but the rest of the time, he's just one of the gang.  


Nadine came to us with Lambert when their owner could no longer afford to care for them.  We think that Nadine and Lambert might be brother and sister but we're not really sure about their relationship other than that the two of them are some of the most tightly bonded pairs we've ever had here.  Nadine is clearly the alpha in their relationship, carefully shepherding Lambert around to meet all of the animals they've encountered here at FSFS.  Nadine is a friendly girl who loves people.  She'll be one of the first to greet you if you come to the fence and she'll love you forever if you just happen to have a treat for her.


Suzy came to us with her 2 babies, Heidi and Harold, and 6 other goats from an abuse/neglect situation.  She is a sweet as can be and is such a good Mom, protecting her babies and helping them feel safe. All have settled in nicely and have learned the important art of looking so very cute while begging for a treat, which they always get!


Swashi came with an accompanying entourage when his owner went through a divorce and had to find homes for some of her animals. I especially love his polka dots. Despite his role as patriarch, Swashi is one of the most gentle, calm goats at the farm. He is always happy to just sprawl out in the pasture and keep an eye on things.  He's a very special goat and definitely a farm favorite.


Totes was found wandering alone in a neighborhood in northern Indiana. When a search failed to find anyone who was missing a goat, he was taken in by a humane society employee until she could no longer care for him. Totes made his way to our sanctuary in May, 2017. As the tallest goat at the farm he definitely stands out in a crowd. There are many, many pictures of Totes because he never fails to strike a pose when he sees anyone coming his way.  He's got a truly lovable unique personality and we’re pretty sure he thinks he’s a dog. 


Vivian is the mother to Weston and is an easy-going goat who is friend to everyone on the farm. She spends most of her time with Johanna and Honey Bun but is one of those laid back, undemanding types who has no enemies, only friends.  When I hand out treats, I always take extra care that this sweet lady gets one because she's likely to hang back and let everyone else eat them first.   She is a quiet, gentle goat and very easy to love. 


Weston is the son of Swashi and Vivian and he quickly adopted little Knuckles as a brother. Weston is a lovable mess!  He's definitely one of our most mischievous goats. He is usually the first to try and steal a treat from your pocket or off of the back of RJ (the RTV) when you’re not looking but he has a big heart and loves people. His big ears that look like floppy wings when he runs just add to his charm. He’s just a big goofy boy.